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They pick two movies but the owner tries to convince them to rent something else.

He gives in and warns them to return the movies the same day no later than 12am.

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She's put immediately on trial and jailed by some weird judge. Her cell mate is a pregnant girl who is one day taken away into a lab where a some wild woman is stashed in a cellar. Then our other jailed woman is released into the care of a client, who has certain plans for the woman.

When our couple finishes watching the movies it's just past 12am and they get an unexpected visit.

This is the kind of movie that has you wondering what they were thinking.

Even for a low budget independent movie, not a lot makes sense here or has much of a point. The highlight I guess is supposed to be the sex scene between the customer and the prostitute, who's more than just some woman. The second movie on the other hand is too messy and complicated and senseless.

The couple is alright and likable; the girl is cute, the guy does a good job acting.

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