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Other Topics Explained 4Minute also explained on the show regarding the time each of the members "ran off together" which decided how the group will come together.Here Hyun A initiated the conversation by explaining about the group's training.Hyun A stated, "During our training period, we thought, 'Let's go hang out together.' Our cell phones were turned off.

Until this day, the girls do not know why Jiyoon as well Gayoon were "thrown out." Sohyun as well Hyun A then continued the conversation by saying, "It was very distressing [that only those two members were kicked out].

The rest of the members went on their knees and begged for forgiveness for a week.

Even when the other trainees left for the day, we snuck in at the break of dawn and practiced." This is how 4Minute came together as well made their debut.

4Minute fans, what do you think about 'Cube Entertainment' allowing their stars to date?

Alex Mattson - Forget You Peter Luts - Lovin' U (Radio Edit) Attom feat.

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