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If you try to think of any word in the dictionary that is synonymous with luxury you still couldn’t find a word to describe the Burj Al Arab.Currently it has the distinct advantage of being the only 7 star hotel in the world and it is worth every star.

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I think they do that every few decades, or maybe centuries I don’t know!

The Burj Al Arab is a place where you can literally leave the world behind and enter into an amazing realm of imagination that is more reality than you could ever believe.

Designed with a unique concept of a blowing sail of a yacht it is quite an impressive sight.

At 321 meters tall it is also the world’s tallest hotel and no matter what time of day you see it, you can literally feel the breathtaking effect it has on you.

View more pictures of the Burj Al Arab here There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy at this Dubai 7 star hotel as well if you do decide to leave your room.

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