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When Ryunosuke's pet cat dies in an accident, his inventor father "resurrects" the cat by placing its brain in an android body made in the form of a young girl.

The Android, Nukunuku, has the dual purposes of being a companion/sister for Ryunosuke as well as being a bodyguard for his father.

Nukunuku's extreme strength and feline agility are regularly needed to protect Ryunosuke and his father from Ryunusuke's mother who seeks to kidnap them both following her divorce from his father.

(Source: ANN)Cat Girl Nuku Nuku originated as a Manga by Takada Yuzo, you may recognise him as the writer of supernatural works such as 3x3 eyes and Blue Seed.

The manga originally spanned a single volume with three chapters, when serialised, but spawned three OVAs, the first two of which are generally combined, a TV anime and two sequels.

How does a writer known for supernatural works do with comedic subject matter?

Let's take a look at All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, the combined OVAs.

The overall story continually leads up to the two fighting less frequently and learning to understand each other which eventually culminates in them having to work together.

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