dating websites over 40 uk charts - Black dating websites for successful men

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My website, Seeking, is the largest website where generous men can meet attractive women.Currently, the website has over 1.7 million members worldwide.The website is home to many successful men (the average annual income of men on the website is 0,000 with the highest 10% averaging a network of 10 million each), all of whom actively seek companions, dates or soul mates.

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Almost all of these qualities were the same as what they notice in job seekers.

Though successful men are not usually so public about their emotions, a bad breakup is seen as a scarlet letter to their circle of friends or colleagues.

With that in mind, Seeking identified five of the most important qualities successful men notice first when considering dating a woman and assessing the possibility of a future with her.

The fifth most important quality successful men noticed in women was their hair.

The women of our generation have become far more independent than their predecessors.

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