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by  |  26-May-2016 02:31

But we're also all entitled to not being raped.

boogey online dating-70's screening process sounds pretty straightforward: when signing up, users will be checked against the national sex offender registry to see if they have any prior convictions. Screening people because they're on the offender registry is a form of discrimination.

On the other hand, people shouldn't have to risk sexual assault while shopping for a boyfriend online.

Assuming a sex offender isn't a threat anymore is naive and dangerous.

And physical wellbeing has to trump values to some extent here—as much as we want to believe that every convict is at least on the road to recovery, none of us want to roll the die when we head out for dinner and a drink. We applaud the measure for the attitude it represents, even if by the site's own admission, the process is "highly flawed, and it is critical that this effort does not provide a false sense of security to our members." Implementation will be tough.

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