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Related Articles: Serrasalmine Fishes, Piranhas, Characoids/Tetras & Relatives, Related FAQs: Piranhas, Piranhas 2, & FAQs on: Piranha Identification, Piranha Behavior, Piranha Compatibility, Piranha Selection, Piranha Systems, Piranha Feeding, Piranha Health, Piranha Reproduction, & Pacus, Silver Dollars, A Mylossoma duriventre in captivity. I also have a Pangasius cat, a rainbow shark, two giant Danios, a striped African glass cat, two dwarf gouramis and a small Pleco, I have plastic plants in the tank and the fish seem to avoid them and treat them almost like an obstacle when swimming. I'd like to switch to live plants that can provide some habitat but I know that silver dollars are vegetarians. I have a 55-gallon community tank with two silver dollars.

I maintain 4 aquariums; a 75 gallon mixed species rainbow fish and gudgeon biotope (river rock, driftwood, Vallisneria nana [where might I find some v. ], sand), a planted 125 gallon with a quintet of (Peruvian) Rio nanay wild discus cha ching!!! (4x4 hardwood beams framed with 2 x 4s on each side w/ plenty of bracing) and filtration system.

, a school of black morpho tetras (Poecilocharax weitzmani... bleheri, with a bed of jungle Val), an iwagumi style 30 gallon with Kuhli loaches, celestial pearl Danios (trying to breed them) and an SAE, plants include blyxa japonica, Hemianthius calichitroides, and Rotala wallichi. My question is about my entire filtration idea, as I have not ever tried to maintain a system this large, I bought this tank used in great condition, and I am too afraid to attempt drilling it and installing an overflow. Water will be prefiltered and run through carbon bags in the outflow box.

[once one understands Latin vowels it's not so difficult he-he.]), some cories, 2 Farlowellas and a pair of ramirezi, some nice chunky driftwood, peat/sand substrate, and sword plants (e. And finally a 20 gallon low tech crypt tank with only crystal red shrimp. I use Eheim filtration and t5 lighting on all these systems, I conserve rainwater, and supplement that with R. My sump is going to be a chambered 75 gallon aquarium; first through filter pads then into a chamber overflowed onto a drip plate.

Then the water will drip into a chamber with bio-balls atop egg crate with air stones underneath.

This will be overflowed into a vegetable chamber, [what is the best plant I may use here for nutrient export?

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