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Thanks to their long-term history, the true origin and discovery is difficult to unearth.

In the case of the rare fungus Cordyceps, this continues to be true.

Various stories are told about noticing the benefits and impacts of ingesting the mushroom.

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Cordyceps Sinensis has a long history in Tibet Medicine and Traditional Chine Medicine.

The mushroom has been used for centuries to address and treat various health conditions and to maintain normal functions of all body systems.

Some stories tell that yak herders in the Hymalayas noticed that the animals became more energetic and invigorated during grazing.

The fungus often grows off caterpillars spread randomly through grasses, so it actually possible that while cropping the grasses the yaks also ate mushrooms.

The story goes that when the herders noticed the difference in animal behavior they investigated the source and discovered Cordyceps.

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