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Synopsis: Jaime Escalante is a mathematics teacher in a school in a Hispanic neighbourhood.Convinced that his students have potential, he adopts unconventional teaching methods help gang members and no-hopers pass the rigorous Advanced Placement exam in calculus.

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The project is about the education experience portraited in the movie Stand and Deliver.

The title of the interview to translate is: "Jaime Escalante in the 21st Century: Still Standing and Delivering" I have kept the original name of the movie (and book), Stand and Deliver, instead of using any of its translations into Spanish.

But in this case, in the title, I find necessary to use a translation. Victoria Explanation: I would recommend that you use the title under which the film "Stand and Deliver" was released in Argentina and also Mexico and Peru, according to the IMDb site: "Stand and deliver" is not an educational expression except by association with this film.

To be sincere, I don't find an equivalent to the expression "stand and deliver" in education. It's really untranslatable, because it's a play on words.

"Still Standing and Delivering" means "still doing what we saw in the film": the function of the phrase is to make us think of the film.

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