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We showed ideas that included abstract shapes that would expand and contract to work as a frame, or the concept of using the logo as a kind-of parenthesis to show the work of the residents. This then led to a period of self analysis on the part of the client as to whether they wanted to keep the name Creative Network Partners.

They consulted with us and a legal team we use and after much discussion they opted for the several-times-more-attractive Eat Work Art.

By some freakish luck these words are embedded in the name Creative Network Partners and so we could show the evolution of the two companies. We took photographs at all times of the day and night to try and get under the skin of each site. In the end we developed the idea of using the letters of the houses as a pure abstraction.

Our initial ideas were well received and so we turned to the design of the two main houses, Netil House and Hackney Downs Studios. Using primitive shapes and the alternating negative space in the letters, we were able to create two logos that hinted at the name without being too literal.

The Logo As 4th Plinth Eat Work Art are powerhouses of the London creative scene.

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