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people who will accuse you of this and so in turn, make themselves a ‘victim’ and ultimately distract from the real issue.

I’ve seen adults throw tantrums or sulk and skulk until people back off.

Brace yourself – this man was brushing his teeth at the kitchen sink and spitting and gargling all over the gaff with cups and all sorts in there with it! In typical fashion, despite other coworkers griping, a collective silence on the issue ensued until sick of remaining silent, she took him aside to a meeting room and asked him if he could brush his teeth in, you know, the instead.

Now look, I get it that he will probably have felt a touch (or a lot) embarrassed but not only did he tell her that she was rude for mentioning it, but he also denied that it was an issue and proceeded to gripe about her to her coworkers.

He didn’t recognise her concerns – if he’d empathised and considered how someone might feel about him hacking into the sink (yeuch) instead of taking on a sense of entitlement, he would have considered how uncomfortable it was for her to have to even bring it up in the first place.

Some people go into combat mode when they’re in C-situations (conflict and criticism).

They’ve become quite skilled at shutting these down by being aggressive and/or passive aggressive.

Dating site ad uk someone out there will laugh at your dad jokes

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