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Do you ever just have one moment when you realize that everything is different, or you realize someone that has been standing infront of you for awhile and then all of a sudden you see it?The other day I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling about to close my eyes and I realize: I've changed....much. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness.

Its kind of scary to me to realize how different life is going to be this summer, because it will be. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. And now we're grown up orphans That never knew their names We don't belong to no one That's a shame But you can hide beside me Maybe for a while And I won't tell no one your name And I won't tell em' your name And scars are souvenirs you never lose And reruns all become our history A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio And I won't tell no one your name And I won't tell em' your name I won't tell em' your name Mmm, mmm, mmm, I won't tell em' your name I think about you all the time But I don't need the same It's lonely where you are come back down, And I won't tell em your name "Back in black, I hit the sack, I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.

Bottom line is things wont be the same, but I think that is good. So right now Im sitting in my bed, and my room is half empty, Im moving out on wed, and I cant help but think wow, the school year is actually over?? I will see you all when you get home.~Alicia "To love is to suffer. But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

It went by too fast, and now im thinking that my 4 yrs in college will go by too fast, we have it good now and i dont want it to end..im pretty sure we will be ready when it does, life is funny in that sense. Okay first of all I feel so out of it, two weeks ago I found out I had mono and this past week beat the shit out of me, I felt so sick and couldnt do anything, I missed all my classes, was stressed beyond belief, cried every second I realized I couldnt even get up to do my laundry because I would pass out, and on top of everything we put my dog to sleep. So here is my point, there are ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad, but ya know what, at the end of it all you make it threw.

I was talking the other day about something that happened in the past, and I felt like this person wanted to go into the past and change it.

I mean guys and girls would never argue that the tira banks is ugly...everyone knows she is gorgeous.

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