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So he was released after the request for temporary detention expired.If the prosecutor does not complain, the man will stay free until the day of judgment.

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She was also a candidate for a seat in the City Council in 2008.

Brenda Lee was majoring in psychology in the Catholic University of Pelotas.

The graduation ceremony occurred three days after she was killed. An achievement.” said Brenda Lee smiling thinking about the Psychology diploma was to have received on Saturday.

The university issued a statement lamenting the fact. Brenda Lee was to be accompanied by friends and family at the Theatro Guarany to celebrate her graduation from the course at UCPel but couldn’t after her life was so abruptly and brutally ended.

2015, held a demonstration calling for justice in Pelotas, southern Rio Grande do Sul. The 46-year-old transwoman’s body was found inside her house with signs of blows in the head.

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