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Jesse lets the kids take over the show while he goes on a date, and he puts #New Fan Is New Alex in charge. While daddy is away, Sticky Hooves plays audio of his ex-girlfriend cheating on him, 12-year-old Rene goes to Mc Donald's, and Bob and Mexican Dave... Andy and Ramsey host a show about impressions called "Snap Impression" so Jesse decides to test himself and the guys on how good their impressions are. Thanks to Jada Pinkett Smith, you've seen it trending all over social media. Jam-packed with a teen who lost his virginity to his mom's corpse, a pube bandit, and new Surveilance Camera Man! Matt is a listener-turned-cohost, and he may SERIOUSLY be a serial killer out to get me. Jesse has found the funniest website online, and it is sure to make Mark cringe, it's called TACOJOHNSCALLEDMEAGAYTARD.

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Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm EST! His girlfriend called into the show to break up with him on air. It's not a show ABOUT comedy, it's funny people actually BEING funny! Our Pizza Lawyer attempts to bring a Class Action Lawsauce against the pizza chain. The Gabbie Show responds to our exposé, Jesse makes some corrections from the Black Lives Matter episode, and we continue reviewing he XXL Freshman Class' freestyles. FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/z EWA2i QDNrs GET BONUS CONTENT! #Black Lives Matter is a fraud, and Alton Sterling was a child rapist. They also cover her interview with Hillary Clinton. The one and only #SEXTARDED comedian himself, BLAKE HOGUE, has been run out of L. by Pod Awful, and now he is in his hometown in Minnesota. Jesse and the kids talk to Brony Sticky Hooves about his "rape trailer" and his new job. To celebrate the bizarre holiday of Easter, Jesse decides to prove why Jesus Christ never existed, and shows Preston and Sticky some of the most bizarre Christian videos on the internet. Daddy and the kids talk about Jesse's Facebook and Reddit bans, and Jesse has once again made his enemies pay. While searching the internet Jesse discovers a former coworker has written a love song about him, and shares it with David. Later David and jesse jam on the rap stylings of Cupca KKe. Jesse has a whole list of reasons why you shouldn't vote, and how to start a revolution the American way... Daddy has the greatest story to tell the kids in Pod Awful history. Later, he wraps up the controversy with Domino's Pizza. Matt and Jesse order a ridiculous amount of pizza to show how terrible Jesse's local Domino's Pizza is. Eric introduces Jesse to a new trend called "COLOSTOMY MODELS." In a bit of a surprise, our favorite... A huge amount of fallout from our ASMR episode leads Jesse to some more ranting. We follow up on the episode about my ex-girlfriend, FULL DISCLOSURE, with a surprising and upsetting announcement. We posted three fake ads to the free section of Craigslist and pranked everyone who called in. The ads were suggested by listeners and the one with the most calls wins!

Host Jesse P-S and his comedy co-hosts get too personal and f**k up everyone's feelings. Jesse got dragged by his girlfriend to some terrible, bizarre performance art dance show, so now he is angry at all performance artists. Our friend Chef Mike Neylan was also on Tosh.0, so... Illma Gore, the "artist" who painted Trump naked and let people pay her to tattoo their names on her body, has been caught defrauding a charity for HOMELESS KIDS. PLUS: Old Steph's mom left a voicemail for Jesse,... Jesse spends this holiday covering some of the worst mothers on earth, including listeners of Pod Awful, Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom, and breastfeeder Rain Florence. Liv is writing a book about online dating, something that Jesse needs help with desperately. So Jesse, David, Matt, and all the Pod Awful kids use their powers to try and stop him... Jesse makes fun of a new listener's terrible Australian accent, and everyone reviews "Anxiety War" - a... Jesse was also on the season finale of Daredevil, and some terrible "random" Youtuber shows up and ruins everyone's fun. Jesse got in a fight with an insane man named MARCUS and turned him into his BITCH. Imagine being desperate for a job, and getting the call,... Swedish Brony listener, Sticky Hooves has created his own pilot for a podcast on our network, the Pod Awful Channel. This was done completely by a mentally disturbed, infantile, depraved, horse lover. Alex has a friend of his who believes in ASMR call in and get berated, leading to an END OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP. Plus we delve into the creepy world of ASMR, and the role playing videos that come with it.

He and David explore some of the more bizarre performance art pieces out there including a man dressed as a... Thanks to the War on Drugs, we've all been exposed to ridiculous anti-drug PSA's for decades now. Some announcements about the show, some stupid Lady Ghostbusters talk, and we meet Chewie's friend, a former cokehead named "Dakota." FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Ytbkr0Sn6mg GET BONUS CONTENT! Jesse makes amends with Old Steph's mom, and even talks to his... Liv and David attempt to help Jesse by listening to some of his "First Impressions," sharing some Cringe Tinder Moments, and even... The second half is TOO RETARDED for the public feed! Daddy and the kids are making fun of listener Blake for being white girl wasted. Jesse and David welcome back Chef Mike from the e How "How To Make A Three Cheese Blend" viral video. This story has EVERYTHING: Facebook fights, reddit, ex-girlfriends, money, and the phrase "N***A... Jesse is joined by guest co-host JLu, and they interview the woman behind the website "Please Don't Die Black Men." She explains her bizarre logo, her terrible sexual assault, and plays a game show called "NAME THAT DEAD BLACK... Banana Aaron confronts Al about blocking him on Facebook. Jesse is totally fed up with Time Warner Cable and calls them on air to cancel service.

Steve brings in an 80's anti-drug video he found as a kid starring Lou Gossett Jr. Daddy and the kids talk about the latest war Pod Awful has been dragged into: #PODTATO. Jesse shares his favorite new type of music: SCENESTER EMO... Jesse interviews the 18-year-old female rapper with a filthy mouth and finds out she's just a nice church-going poet. Jesse goes on a first Tinder date with Kat, while David chaperones. We give Chef Mike a chance at redemption through a series of KITCHEN CHALLENGES including: making a four cheese blend,... Jesse started a Go Fund Me to bring David bowie back to life. Jesse fights with one of Thug Nasty's bitches about how... He also give advice to the listeners, spills secrets on Jerry Springer, joins the #Hi Tom movement, and debuts a new song featuring...

Listen to is foot manifesto, a Ninja Turtles erotic fan fiction, and marvel as Jesse... Its the battle of the awkward kisses as David pits his "Love at First Kiss" video against Jesse's "How To Kiss Your Ex" video. It has been two years since we ordered the WORST PIZZA EVER from Domino's, so to celebrate we throw a pizza party. Listen to the whole thing anyway because you are an idiot and caused the deaths of people. Jesse has discovered a secret about his enemy Gabbie Hanna from The Gabbie Show so disturbing he just had to expose it to the world. It is embarrassing, and its sitting in plain sight in one of her videos. Daddy and the kids talk about a troll trying to get Jesse in trouble with the girls he dates by telling them Jesse is "selling their nudes." Mary 3 joins the show and has a fight with D Fritz, and listens to Jesse's story of going on a date with a... Jesse was on the show "GIRLS" which stars noted child molester Lena Dunham, and tells David about his encounter with her. Jesse and David start using a new streaming service designed for gamers, so they're forced to talk about nerd crap. Also, Jesse was on a terrible TV show and a terrible movie. Later on, the creepshow fans of Christopher Cantwell get a surprise visit from Jesse when he jumps in on their terrible Google Hangout... Time to perform your civic duty and vote for whichever party you were indoctrinated into, and for whoever got the most money! Jesse and David once again pull their classic prank of convincing some wannabe rapper that he is on a radio show called "Howdy Do with JCru." Jesse also gets David some reparations for Black... On this episode, Jesse does the MEANEST, CRUELEST prank call ever, by convincing a homeless stranger he has a job for him. Have you ever, in the history of ever, ordered a... Jesse presents Eric with some exciting new news about OLD MARY, Jesse's horrible ex-girlfriend who left him on Christmas!

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