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Il Boch riporta il testo integrale del dizionario francese-italiano/italiano-francese di Raoul Boch, sesta edizione a cura di Carla Salvioni Boch, pubblicato da Zanichelli in collaborazione con Le Robert.

L’app è ricercabile per lemma, per forme flesse francesi e a tutto testo.È possibile inserire note, sottolineare, creare una lista di parole preferite e, attivandolo prima.

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Most dictionaries are now published electronically, and are available either online (in which case they usually require the payment of a subscription - at least to use more advanced search features or to access the most up-to-date information), as downloadable files, or on electronic media such as CD-ROMs.

Here is a selection of several useful bilingual and monolingual dictionaries. If you know of any good dictionary not included here, please let us know: we'll be happy to expand the contents of this page.

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