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Let's just try to do a better job than we did with social networks and IM systems. With more than 3 million members, Dollar Shave Club will do over 0 million in revenue this year.

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Don't miss all that the Internet has to say on Scalability, click below and become eventually consistent with all scalability knowledge (which means this post has many more items to read so please keep on reading)... Can small tribes of cooperating smart cars improve overall traffic even if they are not in the majority? You want people to join your social network yet people won't join until enough people have already joined.

Sure, if every car was a self-driving car maybe traffic jams could dissolve like blood clots on anticoagulants, but what about that messy in-between period? What you really want is that virtuous circle to develop, where as more people adopt a technology it causes even more people to adopt it.

It will be some time before smart cars rule the road. So startups spend their VC money fast and furiously in hopes of acquiring new customers betting the lifetime value of a customer will be worth the investment.

VC money is the dead corpse that feeds the rest of the ecosystem. Horrendous traffic jams are now the norm and "good" traffic windows are just tall tales texted to children.

And it keeps on getting worse and not in a worse is better sort of way.

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