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The ongoing protests that followed the removal of a mosque's minaret in the village of Chela in Georgia’s southern Samtskhe-Javakheti region on August 26 have served to focus attention on the uneasy coexistence within Georgia of an Orthodox Church dating back to the 4th century and a heterogeneous Muslim community, which over the past two decades has come increasingly under the influence of proselytizing clerics from Turkey and Iran.

At the time of the 2002 census, 433,784 people, or 9.9 percent of the Georgian population, identified themselves as Muslims, according to a monograph posted on the website in November 2012.

But the leaders of the Muslim community estimate that the current figure is far larger, up to 800,000 people.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili recently gave the number of Muslims in Georgia as several hundred thousand, and that of Muslim Georgians in the world as "several million." The majority of Georgia’s Muslims are not ethnic Georgians, however.

The largest single group are Azerbaijanis, who live compactly in three districts of southwest Georgia bordering on Azerbaijan, and who numbered 284,761 people in 2002.

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