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The first and seemingly most daunting challenge for an introvert is: where are the best places to meet people?While there value in being able to break out of one’s comfort zone on occasion, most introverts aren’t going to be comfortable with making what’s known as a cold approach: that is, approaching a complete stranger and attempting to start a conversation that hopefully leads to a relationship.If you’re not the sort of person who likes small talk or approaching strangers, what are your best options?

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I give a lot of advice on going out and meeting people that involves going out and being as social as possible, which is great if you’re naturally an outgoing person (or willing to fake it).

Sure, it’s relatively simple to meet strangers at parties and bars…

if you’re the sort of person who thrives on crowds.

But what if you’re the sort of person who’s drained by crowds or just doesn’t having to introduce themselves and have to make the same small-talk over and over again?

It’s an unspoken truth that our society is geared more towards the outgoing among us; being able to mingle and hop from conversation to conversation or group to group like a social butterfly on crank is a valued skill when it comes to in-person social networking.

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