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Operatic but never melodramatic, this shows a more sensitive side to Chinese cinema than we're used to.Farewell won the Palme d' Or and FIPRESCI prize at Cannes, a BAFTA, the National Board of Review and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.It had to settle for mere nominations at the Oscars and Cesars(France's Oscars), however.

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As the World Cup kicks off in South Africa, now's the time to celebrate the great breadth of world cinema out there.

From Brazil to Japan to France and Senegal, from Neo-Realism to Dogme to J-horror, we've compiled a list of the very best films not in the English language (note: features, not documentaries). Russian madman / genius Timur Bekmambetov arrived on our screens with a bang thanks to this demented, dizzily dark twist on the action movie.

So rustle up some sushi, strike up a gauloise and make sure you've locked your bicycle as we count down the top 100... It seems that the world is still peopled with witches, werewolves, vampires and the rest - but they are divided into Light and Dark Others, battling it out for supremacy, and the souls of new, emerging Others, on the streets of Russia's capital.

Extraordinary visuals on a shoestring budget, bravura subtitle design (it matters) and a plot that just makes sense (unlike its "Chalk of Destiny" powered sequel), this is the most visually imaginative superhero movie of the last decade.

Back in 2004 when Fox signed Bekmambetov to a three-picture deal, the plan was that they'd make Twilight Watch, a prequel to Night Watch and Day Watch, and remake the other two in English if that did well.

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