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by  |  22-Aug-2016 10:19

Even in this World T20 in India, venues like Dharamsala, picturesque as they undoubtedly were, were clearly not ideal given the weather to be expected there at this time of the year.

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After all, the World T20 is an ICC event and as such, the ICC should be responsible for determining that security levels are adequate for all the competing sides.

The ICC, of course, does not have the resources or the powers to be making security arrangements directly and that has to be in the hands of the host country.

But the ICC does – or should – have the ability to make its own assessment in this regard and then advise the competing countries accordingly.

That would put some responsibility on the ICC in selecting the hosts for its tournaments too and where there is a doubt that the host in question may not be able to supply the desired level of security, for whatever reason, the suitability of that country as a host should be carefully reconsidered.

Regrettably, this was not the only score on which the ICC was lacking.

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