Kids having sex at band camp

by  |  01-Oct-2014 13:37

But I had quite a few emails asking me about this one so I thought I would just go for it and hope for the best. Offended not by the subject matter or what the creator’s were trying to convey, but offended in the obvious and unimaginative way that it was done.

Before I go any further let me first say this: to each his own. I felt like I was watching an after school special with funding provided jointly by Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church.

This is just my personal opinion on the show, and let face it…I’m not the demographic for this show to begin with. THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER premiered last night on ABC Family but I got to check it out last week via an advanced screener. The writers worked tirelessly to provide every single angle on the subject of teen sexuality that it came off as obvious, bland and almost preachy. And when you have that established then go ahead and introduce other points of view or belief systems, as represented by other characters.

Had the creator taken a stand and had the guts to tell the story from one perspective – that of the pregnant, Amy – then there might be something there. But by giving equal weight to all points of view the story seemed like a really long PSA.

In the premiere episode, we watched as Amy found out she got pregnant after having sex for the first time at band camp.

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