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Well here it is January 2013 and I found myself having to buy the test yet again. I sent my samples in (Priority Mail with USPS) January 4 (Friday) and received my results January 8 (Tuesday).

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I followed the directions step by step (word of advice fill out the individual envelopes before placing the swabs in the envelopes, if the moisture leaks through let it dry completely before touching it against mother/child/father envelope so that the DNA does not become contaminated) I did my test with my mother, mailed it to my alleged father 3 states away, he then mailed all of the samples 5 states away to the DNA center.

When the product arrived at the center I was notified by email that it had been received.

2 days later received an email results were posted...

After 36 years I am finally going to meet my Daddy in a few weeks!

For anyone seeking the truth this product is for you!

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