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We used to just laugh it off, but the shit is just out of control now, to the point where we had to go public and unite some folks in a rebellion based on ridicule.If you’re the parent of a child with a name featured on this site, then we mean this from the bottom of our heart: You should be ashamed of yourself, although you’re probably too stupid to realize it.And honestly, what’s done is done, so let’s not focus on you.

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You don’t want you and your kid to end up on here, do you?

The rest of you, enjoy the site in whatever way you choose. Porn Chevy Hotrod Hemi Dakota [Chevy’s Big Brother] Diaherria meconium Female [fee-malle] President Austin La-a [La dash a] Anis [anus] Sackmaster about 30k Neveah’s most spelled wrong [is it me, or do the backward words mean the opposite] Jurney Decoutah That’s all we can remember off the top of our heads.

We love fan mail and hate mail both, and will probably reproduce it all with smarmy accompanying comments with the hate mail. Your Doting Site Founder, Johnny Dongle Ok, here are a few that my coworkers and I have seen. More to come Reply I have a friend that teaches elementary and she swears there is a little girl in her class whose middle name is Lesassymonkie.

I’m a little dubious, but she swears it’s true, and maybe it is…I mean how could you make up something that bad? Reply Ah yes, always some faggot (probably an Evan or Kyle) with the requisite disingenuous “too much time on your hands” assertion.

Note that our intent is not to make fun of children themselves, because — well, that’d just be assholish. We do recognize, though, that plenty of children will probably be Googling their own stupid names and find this site.

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