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We jump back in time to see her at ACE Chemicals, where the Joker.

The Clown Prince Of Crime asks if she’ll die for him, then changes his mind and asks her to live for him instead.

She jumps into a big vat of rancid-custard-looking acid and, after a brief hesitation, the Joker follows her.

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Tatsu disarmed her brother-in-law, took his mystical ancient weapon and opted to use her talents to fight the good fight.

featured a rather large number of flashbacks and cutaway scenes. Deadshot and Harley Quinn’s origin scenes play out in the correct order, all set at some unspecified point before the main action), but some aren’t.

The one that has really stumped me is when Rick Flag has a flashback of being underground with Enchantress planting a bomb.

Enchantress then teleports away to meet her brother. However, unless I’m mistaken, we already saw Enchantress teleport into this sibling bonding scene from Rick and June Moon’s bedroom earlier on the film.

I’ve got no solid answer for this, so please put your own theories in the comments.

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The main thing is not to hesitate and not to wait until somebody will pay attention to you.…
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