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By 2011 she once again reunited with Pathapee Leh Ruk co-star Prin Suparat and Urassaya Sperbund in Western style drama called Tawan Deard but this time not as his leading lady, here she plays as Ploy Kwan, Urassaya's younger sister.

By the same year she got cast in Ruk Pathiharn which she co-star with Alex Rendell as her leading man and Kimberly Ann Voltemas one of the leading ladies in 4 Huajai Hae Koon Kao.

By 2012 she was once again reunited with Prin Suparat whom she worked with, with her other 2 dramas, this time in Nuer Mek 2 the sequel of 2010's Nuer Mek which starred Chakrit Yamnarm and Khemapsorn Sirisukha, this drama is cut off by the Thai government due "Political Issues".

Chalida was then cast in a 5 series drama of Channel 3 called Suparburoot Juthathep revolving the story of 5 brothers which she starred together with rookie actor James Ma who is having his acting debut in this drama, in this drama Chalida was praised by her improved acting skills despite her acting issues in her first leading role in Pathapee Leh Ruk.

By 20 Chalida was cast in romantic-comedy drama Cubic which she played the character of Ruthainak a kind-hearted yet outgoing young lady who is replaced by her father with her sister in order to pay for their debt with the mafia boss Lin Lan Ser which was played by rookie actor Tanin Manunsilp who also plays one of the 5 brothers in Suparburoot Juthatep which he won rising actor.

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