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You can pick up a copy of the magazine from close to anywhere on campus. so how does everyone like their classes so far, mine are okthings just started so i guess i should give it more was never really what i thought/ wanted it to be. Note: [if radio broadcasting full, taking american sign language] So who's ass is MCC kicking via finals? The things that she has made us do and discussed in class (like when she beat her children) blows my mind. my professor said if they strike they'd only be on strike for like 3 days.. :( i hope everyone else had a better day of class then i did.

I put pile in Main Hall (where the vending machines are) yesterday and a few in the Quo Vadis rack. Some pieces can even win prizes and they are usually of the cash variety! i always thought i would make new friends , and meet new people but i really havn't, then again it would be easier if i went to a college that had dorms, like my other friends do. I've been up all night doing wor for this class, it they are negotiating their contract and having problems. So, I'm being forced to go to MCC this semester rather then being at Western New England College, like I planned.

The Myraid won a award last year and the staff is hopeful that the Myraid will continue on this path. it seems like they all made new friends because they had dorms. Paid my deposit and everything and I wind up at fucking MCC.

If you want more information about the magazine or the submissions themselves, you can IM me at jerseykat816 (AIM). I need to go to a salon where the people know what they're doing.. I know it's a good school, but I'd much rather gauge out my eyes then have to go there.

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