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Accordingly, later sources simply refer to the work as "Maimon", "Maimonides" or "Ra MBa M", although Maimonides composed other works.

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Maimonides intended to provide a complete statement of the Oral Law, so that a person who mastered first the Written Torah and then the Mishneh Torah would be in no need of any other book.

Contemporary reaction was mixed, with strong and immediate opposition focusing on the absence of sources and the belief that the work appeared to be intended to supersede study of the Talmud.

Maimonides responded to these criticisms, and the Mishneh Torah endures as an influential work in Jewish religious thought.

According to several authorities, a decision may not be rendered in opposition to a view of Maimonides, even where he apparently militated against the sense of a Talmudic passage, for in such cases the presumption was that the words of the Talmud were incorrectly interpreted.

Translated by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, this translation features a modern English translation and a commentary that presents a digest of the centuries of Torah scholarship which have been devoted to the study of the Mishneh Torah by the Rambam.

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