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Fakih’s conversion is about a financial hook-up, not a spiritual one.It’s not unusual for physical whores to become religious whores for money, when the physical act grows stale.

Fakih, as I exclusively reported on this site, is related to top Hezbollah terrorists, some of whom died attacking Israel and trying to kill Israelis.

I noted that her Miss USA bid was financed by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist, HAMAS supporter, and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad.

I also reported on this site that Donald Trump and officials of the Miss USA pageant, which he then owned, required all press to agree not to ask Fakih about her Hezbollah support and relatives, as a condition of all interviews.

And as I’ve noted many times over the years, most Lebanese Christians, and that very likely includes fiance Salibi, hate Jews and Israel. While most are convinced that she’s only converted because of “matters of the heart,” – in other words, to be able to marry Salibi – others defended her decision by pointing out that a civil ceremony would have been sufficient their case, without the need to convert. A large majority of Muslim social media users were infuriated by Rima’s decision to follow Jesus, and assured her that this will “send her straight to Hell.” However, at least a lesser percentage of Muslims were respectful of the starlet’s decision to convert, wishing her luck in whatever she decides to do.

Revered Lebanese Christian leader, General Michel Aoun, is allied with Hezbollah and its leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. By the way, in case you were wondering, hip-hop/pop artist, “The Weeknd” (who is “dating” [euphemism] Fakih’s friend, Palestinian model Bella Hadid, sister of model Gigi) is performing at the planned Fakih nuptials in Lebanon May 15th.

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