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, Chīmu Jiraiya) is episode 434 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. The Naruto that Hidan cursed is revealed to be a shadow clone, and the real Naruto reveals himself with more clones and defeats Hidan.Yahiko introduces himself, Nagato, and Konan as Team Jiraiya to Team Asuma, and the two teams begin to fight.Black tendrils rise behind Team Kakashi and Hidan uses the distraction to defeat Naruto's shadow clones.

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Team Jiraiya pushes Team Asuma in certain direction, and stops attacking.

Hidan escapes and meets up with Kakuzu who is carrying Kakashi.

Kakuzu leaves Kakashi with Hidan, and goes retrieve the other captured team captains.

Team Kurenai finds signs of Team Asuma's fight, and follows them. Team Guy meets up with Team Kakashi, and the two catch each other up on what happened.

Team Asuma spots two children in the village and decides to follow them.

Naruto shippuden 434 online dating

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