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“I will take four chords, and then have three or four songs fit over those four chords.

I really enjoy arranging music that way, and I think people can see that when I perform.” This unique talent allows the artist to sing songs from unexpected genres, such as rap, and keep her sets fresh and different.

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Northeastern Pennsylvania almost missed the chance to hear Riley Loftus’ voice.

As a nervous 14-year-old girl who only sang in her room while playing her guitar, she never thought she could summon the courage to get on a stage.

Her mother and her guitar teacher, Neil Nicastro, had other ideas for the girl with the big voice.

“My mom heard me sing in my room, so she texted my guitar teacher behind my back,” Ms. “When I got to my lesson, he told me I wasn’t allowed to leave until he heard me sing.

What was normally a half-hour lesson turned into an hour, because I wouldn’t sing.” Ms.

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Schools can implement clear policies, procedures, and activities designed to promote a healthy environment for all youth.…
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