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D3’s trick is to let you set what appears on the screen.

A circle, a line, a point on a map, a graph, a bouncing ball, a gradient (and way, way more).

Once the data and the object are linked the possibilities are endless.

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They offer an outstanding service for self-publishing and have made the task of providing and distributing content achievable.

If you’ve received a copy of this book from any location other than Leanpub then it’s possible that you haven’t got the latest version.

Go to and download the most recent version. If you find some value in the work, please consider contributing 99 cents when you download it so that Leanpub get something for hosting the book (and I’ll think of you fondly). D3 is all about helping you to take information and make it more accessible to others via a web browser. That means that it’s a tool that can be used in conjunction with other tools to get a job done.

Please also be aware that this book id for version 3 of d3and if you are considering writing code for version 4 (and you should) you will want the new edition here - Those other tools are mainly HTML and CSS (amongst others) but you don’t need to know too much about either to use D3 (although it will help :-)).

It’s an open framework, which means that there are no hidden mysteries about how it does its magic and it allows others to contribute to a constant cycle of improvement.

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