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USAToday published an opinion article titled, “Bullies drove Eich from public square“.

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In addition the man, who police are searching for, texted several of her friends, pretending to be her.

The date had started off well, but took a turn for the worse when the woman turned down the guy’s request to go to his apartment.

After throwing a water bottle at her, he then stole her cell phone and started is psychotic scheme for “getting even”. When OKcupid launched a front page protest against Mozilla (who owns Fire Fox) earlier this month, they had one goal in mind.

Get the new CEO of Mozilla fired because his past gay rights beliefs don’t coincide with that of the majority of Americans.

On April 3, Brendan Eich was forced to resign as the new CEO of Mozilla when OKcupid started a large campaign to get him removed.

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