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by  |  26-Jan-2016 08:36

Into the Dark Side features a sexy babe having some anal sex with demons: anal, deep extreme anal, DP, TP, double penetration, triple penetration, cumshot, triple cumshot, facial, pussy juice, squirt, and more... It features quite a few improvements in comparison to our first project. PS you may view the full scale game (1680x1050) on our website responds: Hi Dez, Thank you for your review and great rating! The "flashlights" ^^, was one of our various attempts (we have made other versions of it in our other games) at simulating a sustained and continuous flow/splash of "pussy-juice".

We would be glad to take your advice into consideration when creating games.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to let us know more about what you found weird and why.

We are aware that we dedicate most of our designing efforts on the vagina, a quite rare thing we have found, and that some animations come across as quite extreme.

But it is an experiment and an ongoing work in progress.

Based on some of the reviews we got, it seems it has set our games aside from many of the others. Best ;) PGSPOTSTUDIOS responds: Hey life, thanks for dropping by and leaving a rating/comment.

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