Online dating scams philippines airline what to write on an online dating site

by  |  04-Apr-2016 17:45

Recently, we posted a list of some of the most common types of romance scams that currently exist on various online dating websites.

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In a previous article I talked about the dangers of online dating scams on an article about online dating advantages and disadvantages.

It is difficult to know how to spot the phony people but in many respects it is buyer beware but some of us seniors may not be as savy as some of our younger compatriots and maybe desparate for love and attention here has been a significant increase in the number of over 50′s of both sexes being targeted by scammers, which is not surprising due to the changing demographics in Western countries as the population ages, longer life expectancy and increasing number of people who have been divorced and the number of them turning to the internet to find love and/or companionship Men in general are targeted by young girls, mainly from SE Asia, and the Philippines is particularly bad for this, who profess their love to older men who may feel flattered by their attention.

However it does not stop there, after short time, they will claim that an aging relative needs medicine or some such other excuse for the person to send them money.

Older women are targeted by younger men who again, who come from a number of different countries but the African sub continent seems to house a large number of them.

The following article from Fox News highlights the problems for over 50′s from online dating scams.

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