Open door secondary school adults cambridge

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Potter was sentenced to 6 years at a reform school. A massacre occurred at Joachim Lelewel high school in Wilno, Poland.

At about 11 a.m., during the final exams, at least two eighth-grade students attacked the board of examiners with revolvers and hand grenades, killing at least one teacher, several students and themselves. School board member Andrew Kehoe set up a series of explosions in the Bath Consolidated School.

Before blowing up the school, Kehoe murdered his wife and set fire to his farmhouse.

Kehoe detonated his shrapnel-filled vehicle outside the school, committing suicide and wounding others. A student named Ismailovic shot and stabbed his teacher several times at a gymnasium in Pristina after he had been expelled due to low grades.

The bombings constituted the deadliest act of mass murder in any type of school setting in U. Ismailovic was later arrested at a cemetery when he tried to hang himself.12-year-old Robert Snyder shot and wounded his principal, June Mapes, in her office at Arlington public school when she declined his request to call a classmate. A 15-year-old student killed three teachers with a revolver at a school in Tirpan, southern Bulgaria after being expelled.

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