new dating site in australia 2013 - Orphan dating site

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During the sign-up process, the user is asked to provide personal information such as gender, appearance details, the partner they are looking for as well as a short description of himself or herself and person they are seeking.After confirming registration by e-mail, the user is granted access to the following features: only highlights this point.

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Jumpdates is an English-language online dating website launched in 2001.

Although no other language versions are available at this time, the service is meant to operate worldwide and allows registration from any country in the world except for a few exceptions.

jumpdates is a 100% free online dating service, jumpdates has evolved from basic online dating site to dating site that has the features that is needed in social networking era.

New and improved instant messaging section with social networking connectivity from Facebook and presence of Twitter.

Jumpdates has made a strong statement in online dating industry in recent past with more and more online singles are coming to jumpdates. The website is specifically a free dating site catering to an audience looking for an internet platform for meeting and communicating with other like minded individuals in the area of Online Dating.

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