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Despite the fact that she smelt funny many mussel bound seaman tried to dock their tackle, but were never allowed anywhere near her crustacean. There's no need to be koi - while there may be a few gaffs in this article here and there, we're not molly-codling you. Eel go overboard to make sure you pay, and you definitely don't want to get battered right?She also liked to discus music, her favorite song being the classic Italian folk tune that went, When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's a moray. You might find a time when a good fish pun is your dace in the hole, particularly if you need to make a few squid. Eminent British humourist Stephen Fry has been making money out of chipping in with fish puns since he was in school, and you too could make a pretty blenny - all you need do is come out of your shell a bit more.

Just don't krill the joke by making too many puns at the same time.

It's no fluke that I manage it, you've just got to market them in the right way. To save your puns from the jaws of defeat you must keep the endolphins flowing by avoiding the missed-hake of repeating the same puns.

Maybe you should mullet over with a nice cup of char before you scampi off in a melan-coley mood. You must spawn something new to avoid the stench of sending your ordnance orfe home.

Try and tell at least 5 or 6 good ones in a roe before you let them tail off a bit.

If you can stop powen-ing n00bs and downloading internet prawn for a second, you may find this interesting, particularly if you're a sucker for word-play. For those who love nothing more than the art of the crappie pun, the fish pun is surely the apex of the form.

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