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The scan is for women who are concerned about their pregnancy for any reason.A growing baby is a healthy baby so sometimes they are done in a sequence.During this scan we measure the baby's head, abdomen and limbs, and estimate the baby’s weight.

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Presence of structural abnormalities can be detected at this stage.

Most expecting mothers find this scan very reassuring in mid pregnancy.

‘Having had previous history of miscarriage, I was fearing this scan however the staff were very comforting and the sonographer was very professional and helpful, will definitely come back for my 3D/4D scan’ 01702 584 940 [email protected] In women with no previous history of preterm birth or other cervical investigations or interventions, cervical length measurements maybe carried out at 20 - 24 weeks In women with a previous history of preterm birth or other cervical investigations, cervical length scans should be carried out every two weeks between 14 - 24 weeks gestation.

The woman empties her bladder and transvaginal ultrasound probe is introduced in the vagina to measure the cervical length.

Each examination should be performed over a period of 2-3 minutes.

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