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BY: JESSICA BEUKER Since about the time it came out, I have remained heavily anti-Tinder.

Of course I would never pass judgment on those who actually use it, I just personally have zero interest in receiving dick pics from self-righteous frat guys at any hour of the day.

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Call me “old fashioned” but I prefer some of that good ol’ face-to-face flirting.

So I decided to try stone-age Tinder— also known as speed dating.

The event took place in a sketchy little jazz bar, located behind another bar.

I was more than a little skeptical since the name of the bar used the letter ‘Z’ in place of the letter ‘S’ and the door was a literal curtain.

A table sat in the middle of what I imagine was a dance floor, with two “official” type people sitting at it. They weren’t quite ready to start yet, so I b-lined to the bar.

Proverka skorosti online dating

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