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The new Big R Kit is perfect to use in Maschine: the quality and depth of the samples combined with the creative possibilities of the platform provide a truly expansive dub experience!The Big R Kit is also a refreshing change from the many standard rock and pop kits.The Dub Kit is an awesome sounding and versatile drum set, presented in a perfectly executed interface...

hi drummers i have a rogers tobacco sunburst kit that i want to sell.

i have no idea of how much it is worth or even when it dates from.

here are a few pictures: here are the pictures: someone told me it was from the 70s but i don't know. Those drums are worth more as a keeper and a player,than in resale value. I know the appeal of a bop Gretsch kit to a jazz player,but do yourself a favor and just keep what you have,get some generic missing parts,heads and just play what you have.

it has a rogers medallion instead on the metal script logo. Condition is everything and with the missing pieces and battle damage,you'd be hard pressed to get 300. They are great sounding drums,just play them as a 3 piece and get a used Ludwig Acrolite if you need a snare. Here's a photo of a shell with re-inforcement rings. It's a wood band glued to the interior of the drum. Rogers didn't have the middle ring, just a ring on each end. If you don't have rings (the shell is smooth and straight inside), then you have the 8 ply Keller shells.

the metal script logo seems to be on earlier era drums. Your drums are from 1980-81 Rogers Big R XP8 period. Clear natural interiors that could possibly be lacquered or at this stage of time looking unfinished.

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