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Some writers in common use, however, improperly support this alternate representation which will result in differences in the resulting output.

The actual parsing process can be monitored by Parser Listeners (Observer Pattern), which offers an opportunity to react on specific events and perform corresponding actions.

The integrated parser listener Rtf Parser Listener File Logger can be used to write the structure of the RTF elements into a log file (mainly intended for use during development).

The produced output can be customized using its Rtf Parser Logger Settings. Visit( this ); // recursive } } // IRtf Element Visitor.

The additional Rtf Parser Listener Logger parser listener can be used to log the parsing process to any ILogger implementation (see System functions). Visit Group // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- void IRtf Element Visitor. Write Line( Note, however, that the same result for such simple functionality could be achieved by writing a custom IRtf Parser Listener (see below).

This can, in some cases, be useful to avoid the overhead of creating the structure model in memory.

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