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The program will help us to maintain a constant state of preparedness for every patient encounter.

Sessions will include discussion about opportunities for improvement, and sharing best practices, followed by Hospital-wide safety rounds by members of the administrative staff, clinical leadership and department heads (the patient safety management team)., are scheduled from am until noon.

All Thursdays will be set aside for Hospital-wide focus on patient safety and the environment of care, and no other meetings should be scheduled during this time. Senior leadership, department heads and the administrative staff will meet for a 30 to 45 minute session on that week’s designated patient safety topic or goal.

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Rounds will be conducted immediately following the education session.

The patient safety management team will be broken into small groups and dispatched throughout the inpatient units and outpatient facilities to participate in clinical and environmental tracer activities Starting today, all NYM employees are invited to complete the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey, which our Hospital is administering in partnership with New York-Presbyterian and Gallup.

Share your feedback on how to make NYM even better by filling out the survey in one of the following ways: Cybersecurity researchers observed a spike in the number of attempts during the first half of August, with hospitals accounting for over half the instances in which hackers attempted to infect a user with a ransomware payload.

According to detections by Kaspersky Lab researchers, the top three ransomware families during the first quarter of the year mainly infected users through spam emails with malicious attachments or links to infected web pages.

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