Sailing camp for adults

by  |  19-Sep-2015 02:00

We provide a community at the Annapolis Sailing for your ongoing growth and enjoyment, with offerings such as day boat rentals, Keelboat Club, Kid Ship Sailing , Annapolis Powerboat School, Annapolis Water Experiences with stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, and events at our beautiful location on Bembe Beach.

Our maximum of three students per boat maximizes your comfort, personalized instruction and hands-on practice.

In a bit more than an hour from the start of class you will be sailing.

All of this begins at beautiful Bembe Beach, just over 1 mile from downtown Annapolis.

With no long creeks to navigate, students, renters, and members are quickly on the Chesapeake Bay.

Or you can just relax on the Beach and be a part of the community that we have created at the Annapolis Sailing School.

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