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by  |  22-Dec-2015 07:00

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When it comes to teaching our children, and other young people in our lives, about the “birds and the bees,” we may feel a little intimidated at first, and understandably so.

It can be challenging to talk with our children about sexuality for a number of reasons; we might be embarrassed, we might worry that we don’t have all the right answers, and we might be plain uncomfortable with this sensitive subject.

The good news is that research has shown that kids really do listen to what their parents have to say about sex, condoms, contraception, and HIV, and that these teens are more likely to delay sexuality longer and practice safer sex (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2002).

Fortunately, we can point our children and teens in the right direction to online sex education resources when we’re too uncomfortable broaching the subject ourselves.

Even parents, and other people caring for children and teens, who are completely comfortable talking about sex can benefit from having some additional resources to share with their kids.

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