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And he's also worrying about how he can please you. But I have a natural camel toe, and I was wondering if there's a way to fix that? A camel toe is when you wear shorts and like your shorts are in your "crack" but in the front, and the way you get it out, is loosen your pants and pull it out.

try this website: do I have a camel toe and how could it I away if it could?

My camel toe is like my vagina and it's not cause my pants it's because I have a bump I guess I just got it this year of school after I started having sex why is it there? a camel toe is the way your vagina looks when you wear clothing too tight so the way to fix it is to not wear tight clothes.

They call it a camel toe because that's the way it looks when someones clothes are too tight.

oh and it has nothing to do with sex and it's not something that just appears every woman has one if their clothes are too tight Unless your definition of "camel toe" is different than mine, the answer is no. Good luck, I hope this helps.camel toe has nothing to do with having sex or being a virgin.

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