Sexy babe own webs

by  |  06-Aug-2016 09:42

I get ready for my day as one of my many roles in life — student, model, actress, friend, girlfriend, daughter, businesswoman. I hear the voices reminding me not to send the wrong message. The implication is that to be sexual is to be trashy because being sexy means playing into men's desires.

When I was 15, the adults in my life were concerned by my modeling at such a young age.

They'd heard the horror stories of creepy middle-aged men taking advantage of young women, or agents pressuring girls to lose weight.

Surprisingly enough, dealing with the world outside the industry was the toughest part of my adolescence and young adulthood.

Teachers, friends, adults, boyfriends — individuals who were not as regulated as those in the highly scrutinized fashion world were more often the ones to make me feel uncomfortable or guilty about my developing sexuality.

I was modeling only occasionally at that time, but I found the same people who faulted the modeling industry for being oppressive and sexist were frequently missing entirely their own missteps and faux pas.

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