latest dating sites in usa - Sitting in a tree dating website

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Now locals singles will have a safe outlet to find the possible love of their life, or a friend within their area. Kathi Klassen along with her husband Tony wanted to give local singles a chance to connect.

There have been filters established on the site preventing certain key words from being used, including profanity.

The website will indicate inappropriate words by using pop-up words like "oops!

." The site only has settings for singles, but Klassen does admit that they cannot guarantee every-one on the site is single.

Klassen stated "For people who choose to cheat, as much as they absolutely don't want any part in that, as much as they don't approve of that, it's not our decision." The pair felt the site was needed in Southern Manitoba in places like Winkler, Morden, Altona, and Carman, and their main goal was to keep it as local as possible.

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