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“.to do..” Lory says that even if he asks him what to do, they can also only leave it up to Kyouko herself.

“Right now, it is also useless for us to groundlessly worry [about her]. Then, we’ll talk again at that time..” Maria interrupts Lory and says that she is pretty much prepared to go to school.

Even if what she faces might possibly be a stone that causes her to trip and get seriously injured, right now, I also have no way of replacing her to remove this hindrance. As for the aftermath, we can only wait after the outcome had come out. Lory points to the phone and says that this is Ren.

Maria says that it is okay for it seems that they are talking about some serious topic so she’ll take time to talk with him next time.

“As compensation, you help me in asking Ren-sama to give me a call next time” After putting on her coat, Maria tells her grandfather that she’s going.

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