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Little Miss and Miss Teeny will appear in evening wear, also.


My mother-in-law is Queen of swaddling babies, they would be returned after a cuddle like a firm little parcel, only a small round head peeping out!

Really easy and quick to make, you will soon have orders from all smallies you know for these Teeny Swaddled Babies Materials: Pure wool fibres (about a fistful) Jersey knit in a skintone colour (approximately 5″ x 4″) Tubular bandage 12″ length (I bought a huge roll in my local pharmacy, sold as finger bandage) Material for the blanket and hat (I used cotton) (give yourself approximately 7″ x 10 inches for the blanket, 2″ x 4″ for the hat) Strong thread (I used a fine crochet cotton) Thread (sewing and embroidery), needles, scissors I start by making the inner head.

I needle felt a ball approximately 1″ in diameter (you could wrap a ball of fleece tightly either, I just find the needle felting holds it in place and keeps it secure) When I have the ball made, I take a piece of fleece and wrap it around the head: The bandage starts to shorten as you stretch it out a bit.

Push the “head” into the tube of bandage, tie firmly with the strong thread under where the chin would be; then stuff the rest of the tube with more fleece until firm and measuring approximately 4″.

Poncho is very lucky little chihuahua because has a wonderful human named Betty Mc Call who saw it fit to create for him a completely furnished room situated under the stairs.

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