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He has been a lesson for her of honesty and a man who is not shy of sharing what he is and what he knows… If he does not give her lots of moolah for her estetica, she won’t go back with him. V doubts it, says RE is very pretty, gorgeous eyes. He's slowly courting her but y'all have said, it's a lost cause for him. I think that the fantasama is nothing more than an attempt by the writers to break the intensity if just for a moment and bring in a laugh or two. I laughed myself, so I guess that it's working. ---I have seen enough novelas to know that there usually are several deaths and one or two severe cripling accidents which often turn out to be not accidents at all but a result of careful planning.

Someone said this week that the body count is still at one. Don Aquiles is responsible for that one body(I assume the reference was to Galindo.) I've also been hopeful about Don A because, well, we all know that in Novelaland finding a long lost child can do good things for a guy. She's educated enough to know about fetal alcohol syndrome.

Probably got through high school by pitching himself well to the teacher. They both will stop at nothing to control their realms.

Aldo gets really nervous, gobbles his wine, maybe regrets playing along with Vicky on her script with RE/Max. I was happy to hear Luci say to Melissa the other day that after her baby is born she plans on going to university. Now, if only they could convince their little brothers, Lorenzo and Aldo, to continue with their education too. What's so sick about what Max does is that he could generate fear and get the results he wants without going that far, so there's something really poisoned in him and that's what makes him equal with Rosa.

You should worry about your nephew’s safety, Vicky’s other man could put Aldo in danger. That Max told her he had done it for her to see what he was capable of. Luci says yes she has been her friend for many years. Melissa says Pato used to sing at the family gatherings. Maybe he will feel that since he's being surrounded by Team Luci members he'll feel compelled to hire Julie. I don't miss anything and I sure would otherwise! Now that I've seen the flashback, and watched him grab hold of Aldo so that a little more pressure might have killed him, I don't think Maxi can be saved. Only the immature Aldo knows the extent of his uncle's depravity.

’,(these two are playing game of how close can you be nose to nose, chin to chin without really touching, you could tell they both would rather be kissing). She takes the phone but does not say anything when she realizes it is Rod. Mati giving Jana good advice and reminding her what happened to Luci when she tangled with the TL Queen.

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